The Magisterial Society of Scriveners & Cartographers
is hard at work documenting, authenticating, & preserving
histories, antiquities, and more for cultures across
all the planes.

Our goal is to tell the stories of the land and it’s many
astounding heroes.

Meet our cartographers!

Preserving the future.

Our highly trained archivists go through rigorous study & achievement to ensure the truest of authentication and preservation of antiquities as well as magical/wondrous items.

Each record/artifact is carefully replicated and recorded before being sent to either the archives or it’s rightful owner. Records & replicas are on display in our main headquarters.

Whether you need an item identified or a document authenticated, we have the largest known library of official seals, emblems, crests, & signatures to ensure exact matches. We hold ourselves to the highest standards and will only add our seal of authenticity to an item/document we are 100% certain is accurate & genuine.

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Are you a cartographer? Add your name to the growing list of TMSoSC’s official cartographers! Looking for a cartographer? Check out our affiliates by clicking here.

The Leading Society for History & Culture

TMSoSC is a society that speaks of unparalleled service, expertise and universal reach. Founded by Head Mistress Archivist Deven Rue, TMSoSC has conducted the greatest and most celebrated authentications & replications through the centuries providing a popular showcase for the unique and the beautiful. TMSoSC also has a long and successful history conducting private authentications & replications.

TMSoSC has a universal presence in nearly every plane of existence with authentic documentation and relics of almost all known worlds.

Head Mistress of Maps, Archivist Deven Rue

You’ll find Archivist Rue’s signature on every authenticated map in our possession and beyond. She meticulously authenticates each map herself and inspects every replication before it leaves our facility. She strives “not for perfection but the beauty and authenticity of imperfection”.

Rue Adventuring Company

When Rue set out on her first adventure so many years ago, little did she know just how much of an adventure that would be! Spanning several centuries, planes, worlds, cultures, and more, those early days were the building blocks of her character & determination.

It was simply a matter of time before she founded the Rue Adventuring Company to attempt to fill the need of the people. From mundane tasks of ridding a basement of rodents to epic adventures of saving loved ones from the clutches of certain death, Rue believes there’s no task to small nor too great.

Training for the company is strenuous, vigorous, and rigorous! Her band of adventurers are always up to ask!

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The Magisterial Society of Scriveners & Cartographers

Archivist Rue will tell you that TMSoSC is a “natural progression” of the Rue Adventuring Company. As her travels across various lands yielded a wide array of antiquities & treasures, she not only became an expert at identifying them, but also wanting to preserve them for academic & research reasons. She soon founded the Society to ensure her clients received the greatest care of their antiquities and creating replicas for the safety of those items.

She opened the doors of her warehouse to first allow for research of said items and then to offer the preservation of the more sacred relics of worlds long since passed. They are on display at the Society’s headquarters and can be seen by appointment only.